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Lady overalls

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Lady overalls

Description :

Lady overalls are a spectacular fashion item that perfectly combines elegance and comfort. Designed especially for the modern lady looking for a sophisticated and up-to-date look for any occasion. The overall has one bare shoulder, which gives it a sexy and feminine touch, while the high cut emphasizes the waist and creates a flattering silhouette.

The high slit in the leg adds interest and movement to the design, and allows for free and comfortable movement. The wide ankle-length pants give the overalls an elegant and flattering look, suitable for both formal events and fashionable evening outings.

The overall is made of high quality polyester fabric, which gives it a shiny and luxurious look. The fabric is pleasant to the touch, breathable and comfortable to wear for a long time. The gathered pleats at the top add texture and interest to the design, creating a soft and sophisticated look.

It is a versatile item that can be easily upgraded with different accessories - from sparkling diamond jewelry for an evening event to a clutch bag and heels for an elegant everyday style. The Lady Overall is a perfect choice for women who like to look their best on every occasion, while maintaining comfort and free movement.


The lady overall is made of 100% quality polyester. Polyester is a durable and flexible synthetic fabric, characterized by the following properties:

1. High resistance to wrinkles - maintains a neat and well-groomed appearance over time.
2. Quick drying - ideal for travel and daily use.
3. Easy to care for and clean - machine washable and does not require ironing.
4. Maintaining color and shape - the fabric does not fade or lose its shape even after many washes.
5. Breathability - despite being a synthetic fabric, the polyester allows ventilation and comfort in wearing.

The fine fabric is carefully selected to ensure a soft and pleasant touch on the skin, while maintaining a luxurious and elegant look. The fabric has a smooth and slightly shiny texture, which adds to the sophisticated look of the overall.

Dimensions :

The Lady overall is available in a variety of sizes to suit all structures and shapes:

S (Small): suitable for sizes 36-38
M (Medium): suitable for sizes 40-42
L (Large): suitable for sizes 44-46
XL (Extra Large): suitable for sizes 48-50
XXL (2X-Large): suitable for sizes 52-54

The length of the pants is ankle length, suitable for most heights. The high slit in the leg allows for a comfortable fit even for tall women. The high and flexible waist fits a variety of body types and ensures maximum comfort.

It is recommended to measure and check the size chart before purchasing to choose the most accurate size for you. If you are debating between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger size for optimal comfort.


The Lady Overall is currently available in classic black, royal blue, and flattering white. Black is a timeless color suitable for any occasion and season, and easily combines with a variety of accessories and complementary colors. The advantages of the black color:

1. Slims down and shapes the body
2. Gives an elegant and sophisticated look
3. Easy to combine and upgrade with other colors
4. Hides stains and dirt
5. Suitable for both day and evening

Can be combined with:

The lady overall is a versatile item that can be combined with a variety of accessories and complementary clothing items to create a perfect look for any occasion:

1. Shoes:
- Thin high-heeled sandals in navy or silver for elegant events
- Black ankle boots for a more fashionable and casual look
- White sneakers for everyday use

2. Bags:
- A golden or shimmering clutch for the evening
- A small side bag in a contrasting color like red or pink for playfulness
- Fashionable leather backpack for a chic everyday look

The Lady Overall is a wise investment in your wardrobe. With the many possibilities to combine and upgrade, you can create a variety of impressive looks and feel confident and stylish at any event. This is an item that will serve you faithfully for years and will quickly become one of your favorites in the closet. - women's fashion - overalls - lady overalls

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