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PLAY leotard

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PLAY leotard


The PLAY leotard is a spectacular fashion item that combines elegance with comfort. Its unique design is characterized by a flattering cut that is close to the body, emphasizing the natural contours. The top of the bodysuit is designed as a delicate knit, giving a soft and feminine look, while the shimmering embellishments on the neckline add a touch of glamor and luxury.

The sleeveless cut allows maximum freedom of movement and is especially suitable for hot summer days or evening events. The round neckline, decorated with sparkling rhinestones, creates an impressive focus of visual interest and adds to the sophisticated look of the item.

The PLAY leotard offers a perfect combination of style and functionality. It is an excellent base for a variety of outfits, from a fashionable everyday look to an impressive evening look. The high elasticity of the fabric ensures a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day, while the tight design creates a smooth and neat look under other clothes.

The most striking element of the PLAY leotard is undoubtedly the shimmering decoration around the neckline. The small rhinestones create an effect of tiny diamonds, add shine and sparkle to every movement and give the item a luxurious and special look. This is an item that definitely attracts attention and adds a touch of glamor to any appearance.


The PLAY leotard is made from a high-quality mixture of acrylic and spandex, which gives it unique features:

1. Comfort: the acrylic provides softness and pleasantness to the touch, making the garment comfortable to wear for a long time.
2. High elasticity: the spandex gives the garment excellent stretchability, allowing free and comfortable movement.
3. Retention of shape: the mixture ensures that the garment will retain its shape even after many wears and washes.
4. Easy to care for: the fabric does not wrinkle easily and dries quickly, making it practical for everyday use.
5. Thermal insulation: the acrylic provides good insulation, which makes the garment suitable even for cooler days.


The PLAY leotard comes in ONE SIZE

- Tight cut that fits the contours of the body
- Regular length that reaches the waist
- Sleeveless
- Round neckline (O-Neck)

It is important to note that thanks to the high elasticity of the fabric, the leotard fits well to the body and provides maximum comfort.


The PLAY leotard is offered in classic white and black

Can be combined with:

The PLAY leotard is a versatile item that can be combined with a wide variety of clothing items and accessories:

1. Pants: dark jeans, wide black pants or tight leather pants to create an interesting contrast.
2. Skirts: a mini skirt for the evening or an elegant midi skirt for a more refined style.
3. Jackets: a dark blazer for a sophisticated business look or a denim jacket for a casual chic style.

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