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RAVEN mini skirt

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RAVEN mini skirt

The RAVEN mini skirt is a spectacular fashion item that combines elegance with a touch of boldness. The skirt presents a unique and impressive design in rich black velvet, decorated with sparkling sequins that create a spectacular pattern. The asymmetrical design of the skirt adds visual interest and accentuates the legs in a flattering way.

The sparkling sequins are arranged in a diffuse pattern, starting with a high density at the bottom of the skirt and thinning upwards, creating the illusion of sparkling "rain" against the black velvet background. The combination between the soft velvet and the sparkling sequins creates a fascinating play of textures and light, making the skirt a focal point of interest at any performance.

The asymmetric cut in the front of the skirt adds a touch of boldness and modernity, reveals a little more leg and gives the skirt a dynamic and interesting look. It is an item that combines classic elegance with a contemporary and bold design, which makes it perfect for a variety of events - from a night out with friends to a more festive event.

RAVEN mini skirt is made of luxurious polyester and velvet. The polyester guarantees high durability and preservation of the shape and color for a long time, even after many washings. The fabric does not stretch, which ensures that the skirt will retain its original shape and continue to flatter the body shape.

The sequins are firmly attached to the fabric, which ensures that they will stay in place and add sparkle to the skirt for a long time. Although the skirt is not flexible, its precise design ensures a comfortable and flattering fit for a variety of body shapes.

RAVEN mini skirt is available in sizes XS-L for a perfect fit:

The length of the skirt is mini, above the knee, with the shortest part being in the front and reaching mid-thigh. The longer part reaches just above the knee. The waist is high, which emphasizes the waist and creates a flattering silhouette.

RAVEN mini skirt comes in deep black and red,

Can be combined with:
The RAVEN mini skirt is a versatile item that can be combined in a variety of styles:

1. Elegant evening look: combine with a white silk shirt and black high heels to create a sophisticated and impressive look for evening events.

2. Rock Style: Hussipy black cropped t-shirt, leather boots and big hoop earrings for an edgy and bold look.

3. Sophisticated casual look: Wear with a soft oversized sweater and white sneakers to create an interesting contrast between elegant and sporty.

4. Festival Look: Layer it with a sparkly crop top, knee-high boots and bohemian accessories for a festive and fun look.

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